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Jeeping in the mud! Moyie Springs Mud Bog, COOL RIDES CAR

JEEPING in the Mud at Moyie Springs Mud Bog, Idaho. My favorite little weekend away from the office!

Vintage little CHEVY pickup truck...lifted just a tiny bit!

THE long hard hours building this beauty pays off...

Yellow Chevy flipped in the mud!  Moyie Springs Mud Bog, COOL RIDES CAR

....and in a CHEVY heartbeat, &%@# happens!!!!

Join us in this PHOTO GALERY of pics from my family's favorite little weekend trip into the mountains! Twice a year we make the trek up by the Canadian border to enjoy a quiet weekend....OK, sometimes it's not so quiet!...with a few thousand of our favorite friends!

THE BOGS are like a recipe made in heaven for a real car enthusiast...beautiful fast cars and trucks! 4x4 vehicles packed in like mud dogs! Strange hybrid vehicles, not a few of which involved grafting classic cars like Mustangs and Baracudas onto the running gear of Chevys and Fords and any other 4x4 chassis they have in the garage. (And I am reasonably sure many of these strange hybrids would never have been built, unless the owners were under the influence of a great deal of alcohol!)

BLACK BETTY 4x4 creation, Moyie Nud Bogs, COOL RIDES CAR

And sometimes, there are creations like this one, inspired by mechanical genius and the finest wine..."BLACK BETTY" is her name, and my son Marcus Howell, sitting here in the driver's seat, believes she is the sweetest mud bogging creation of them all! And yes, she is a tomboy...sweet and charming here...but wild and brutal in the mud and on the rocks! Our kind of redneck girl indeed! The ultimate mechanical hybrid! Eat your heart out, Toyota Prius!


AND did I mention that the BOGS are popular with gals? So ladies, bring your bikinis and enjoy a day like you have never seen!

Mud wrestling...Moyie Springs Mud Bog, COOL RIDES CAR

Ahhh...the ultimate redneck sport....MUD WRESTLING! Even if you lose, there are certain fringe benefits! And there is just something about a beautiful gal when she is covered in mud!


THE MUD BOG SITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION....soon there will be thousands of pics here! Stay tuned! And we will see you at the bogs!


Moyie Springs Mud Bog,

Moyie Springs, Idaho


BESIDES Mud Boggers, we also photograph and video rock crawlers and dune buggies and anything else we come across.

Being social by nature, Dad even stops random people in parking lots, and freeway rest stops, to make special arrangements to photograph their unique vehicles! So you may be surprised at some of our home built beauties that will be showcased here!