The 2011 edition of the Moyie Springs Mud Bogs took place on Mother's Day Weekend 2011 under a cloudy Spring day, with rain and drizzle and snow and hail an ever impending threat as the weekend rolled along.

But of course, MUD is the name of the game here, so a little rain and a little bit of sand and dirt simply turned the entire encampment into the world's largest mud filled toy box for a few thousand visitors to come and play in!

The actual Mud Pit was exceptionally "soupy' this year, and even the 4x4 powerhouses of previous visits here found themselves sometimes having to flag down a massive timber skidder for a little bit of help in escaping the mud.

And surprisingly enough, some of the least expected 4x4's (yes, and even a few two wheel drive vehicles) found their way through it all with apparent ease, as their bigger and more massively horsepowered brothers were bogged in the mud and down for the count!

So, please, join my family and I as we share our pics of this totally fun and unusual event with you!

And remember, there is a Fall event every year too, although its date is scheduled based on forest fire conditions, dry weather predictions, and other factors and is sometimes hard to pin down till later in the summer.

Check back with us later for more info on the FALL BOGS!













Moyie Springs Mud Bogs 2011

OVER 1,000 pics to look at!

All pics soon available for download to you in HI-Def! CLICK a GALLERY at left to see Lo-def pics of the 2011 BOG!!

See a 1965 Mustang 4x4!

This car makes the stock Mustangs go wild with envy! And makes stock Camaros stay hidden in the garage with the doors closed!

1965 Mustang 4x4, Moyie springs Mud Bogs Spring 2011, Cool rides Car

DID YOU KNOW...? The polished "Monster Trucks" you see at the local fairgrounds were born and bred here, in the mud and in the rock pits!

MONSTER TRUCK 4x4 at Moyie Springs Mud Bogs, Cool Rides Car

Even with all of the high horsepower vehicles usually dominating the show, this VW Beetle is still a mud crawling crowd pleasing wonder, shown in stock form with its 40 HP engine!

Volkswagen VW Beetle, Moyie Springs Mud Bogs, Cool Ride Car

But take it apart, install a radical V-8 and some 4x4 running gears, and the little VW Beetle becomes a terror in the mud!

VW Beetle 4x4 with V-8 engine, Moyie Springs Mud Bogs, Cool Rides Car


And if you are a mudder, you can only dream of going to the cemetery in style! Like in this 6-wheel drive Cadillac Hearse! And of course it is Diesel powered!

6x6 Cadillac Hearse, Moyie Springs Mud Bogs, Cool Rides Car

Like the classics? How about an oversized sexy GMC with monster tires and a killer powerhouse under the hood? In yellow, so you can find it when it is covered with mud!

Vintage GMC 4x4, Moyie Springs Mud Bogs, Cool Rides Car

AND even a rookie mud bogger knows that a mud bog isn't a real Mud Bog unless there are Jeeps...and good looking gals!


Jeep 4x4 full of gals, Moyie Springs Mud Bogs, Cool rides Car


And don't forget, Brian and the boys are up above the Bogs in the Forest, near the snow and clouds, using specially crafted vehicles and routinely crawling over boulders the size of your little imported rice burner! And enjoying every minute of it!


4x4 Rock Crawler, using a Hi-Lift jack to escape, Moyie Springs Mud Bogs, Cool rides Car

And NO! This Rock Crawler is NOT stuck! Believe it or not, it took only about 7 minutes for two guys to use a Hi-Lift Jack, carry and pile a bunch of boulders under the tires, and break free of this temporary 'pothole'! Then on up the rocky trail they went!