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This site will hopefully become on of the largest sites on the internet! We invite all U.S. Military personnel, both active and retired (and especially the families of our brothers and sisters who are no longer with us) to round up their military pictures and memorabilia, their ribbons, their remembrances of the days when they were on active duty, their old unit designations etc etc


This site, when finished, will become a huge encyclopedia of military personnel that anyone can browse to find old friends, old units, descriptions of old jobs in the military, etc,

The webmaster here flew as a crew member in USAF RC135M "HOG NOSE" electronic recon planes in Vietnam, and for example, I plan on providing a huge gallery of pics that I took of SR71 spy planes, F4 Phantoms, etc and a recap of my life in the Vietnam War...I invite you to start now, build up your collected images and memories...let's keep these memories alive, for historians, but mainly for our kids and our grandchildren!

When our descendents ask, "What did you do in the military?", we want to have a file to show them! Please, let's not let the old military info die with us! And we invite everyone, USAF, US ARMY, US Marines, US Coast Guard, US NAVY, military contractor personnel, even the CIA guys, and anyone else who served, to participate!


ALSO, building this site takes time and finances...if you would like to donate a few bucks to the cause, after January 1 there will be a donation portal here...THANKS...and get working on this data.


That's an order!

...and when it is finished, please check out out our other military site:






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