This is an original design, modeled fairly closely upon the wooden craftsmanship of an actual 1900's funeral hearse. This mower still uses the original riding mower engine and powertrain, but little else of the original ARIENS brand riding mower it was built from still remains, with the exception of the nose and steering wheel. It was stretched some eight feet in length to accomodate an actual wooden casket that it always carries. It has a tilt roof, a floral vase, hand made curtains, and an American flag drapes the casket within.


















at the SPIRIT LAKE 'BIG BACK IN' Father's Day extravaganza!

Featuring our specialty Lawn Tractor of the Month:


The Mowertician racing lawn mower, Spirit Lake Big Back In, COOL RIDES CAR

When it's my turn to go to the cemetery, this is the hearse I want to travel there in!

The MOWERTICIAN lawn mower racer, Spirit Lake BIG BACK IN< COOL RIDES CAR


THE Mowertician has nice curtains...

The Mowertician riding racing mower, Spirit Lake Big Back In, COOL RIDES CAR

...and an actual casket inside!

Casket inside THE MOWERTICIAN racing riding mower, Spirit lake Big Back In, COOL RIDES CAR


...and a message on the plaque for us all:

Plaque within THE MOWERTICIAN, Spirit Lake Big Back In, COOL RIDES CAR