Matt Martin is owner of Matt's Auto Repair in Spirit Lake, Idaho. He has been building and racing these riding mowers for many years, and his daughter Kimberly is a perennial winner at the drags held every Father's Day there.

Mark Kroetch hands Matt martin the "Wild Turkey Award" for experiencing the  most bad luck of this engine exploded, and a rear differential tore itslf apart!

Mark Kroetch presents Matt with the "Wild Turkey Award" because of the mechanical mishaps that happened this engine exploded! And one rear differential ripped itself apart! (And that is why serious racers like Matt always bring more than one racing machine!)

Matt also helped the local youth group build several machines.


These young teenage boys and girls, not only designed and built their own racing machines, under Matt's watchful eyes, but actually were able to race them at the BIG BACK IN racing event!

Armored Car racing mower, Spirit Lake BIG BACK IN, COOL RIDES CAR

And they gained a lot of experience, self confidence, and even some trophies while doing so!

SNAP ON  racing riding mower!  Spirit lake BIG BACK IN, COOL RIDES CAR

Their unique designs included a replica of a SNAP ON tool delivery truck, a pizza delivery vehicle, and an armored car!


We salute Matt and his wife, Debbie, and his daughter Kimberly, for all of their hard work in working with these teenagers in their efforts to make these many quality racing machines.

Such family participation in THE BIG BACK IN is what makes it all happen every year!



















MATT MARTIN and Kimberly at the Spirit Lake 'BIG BACK IN' racing lawn mower drags!

Matt Martin at Spirrit Lake Big Back In, COOL RIDES CAR

Matt Martin heads back to the finish line after winning a run at the Spirit Lake (Idaho) BIG BACK IN lawn mower drag races!

Kimberly, Matt, and 'Pennsylvania' Bob prep her racing mower, Spirit Lake Big Back In, COOL RIDES CAR

Matt Martin checks available fuel level, (left), as 'Pennsylvania' Bob (right) hooks up the remote power source to the electrical contacts on the back of the mower, in preparation for Kimberly starting the engine, just like the Nascar racers do! Her opponent is Mike, owner of Mike & Sharon's Small Engine Repair in Hayden, Idaho and an awesome competitor who is very hard to defeat!

Kimberly stays low off the line, Spirit Lake Big Back In, COOL RIDES CAR

Kimberly is low and fast, and the first racer off of the line!

Kimberly at first gear shift, Spirit Lake Big Back In, Cool Rides Car

Reaching for her next gear, Kimberly is ahead by feet! And continues on for the win!!

Kimberly and the crowd after her win, Spirit Lake Big Back In, COOL RIDES CAR

Kimberly get's congratulatory high fives from the crowd after her win...with the patented smile on her face!

Kimberly at Spirit Lake Big Back In, COOL RIDES CAR

And then...back to the starting line, to face another family owned machine that Matt built! This is what lawn mower racing is all about...having fun, facing your neighbors and friends in a friendly holiday challenge...and for Kimberly, winning as many as she can!