Spirit Lake Idaho's BIG BACK IN event.

There are those who believe that events like the Spirit Lake BIG BACK IN just magically 'happens' if somehow with no effort from anyone, the whole town just gets up out of bed on Father's Day of every year and the races downtown are set up and ready to go, all by themselves.


Of course we know that such events require someone to expend a great deal of work and sweat and time to make them happen...and Mike and Diane Chapman have given a lot of each!


Behind the scenes, and at the races themselves, Mike has been everything from announcer, to race starter, to mechanical tech, to safety inspector to the man who awards the prizes. And one hell of a mower racer too!


And Diane has run booths, sold tickets for whatever money making endeavor was going on at the time, helped build and polish a large number of racing mowers, helped run a family business...and still tolerate all of us "rookies" who mobbed her house endlessly over the years seeking technical advice on building racing mowers.


Many of us, including myself, got our first ideas and practical plans by sitting in Mike and Diane's home garage looking at some of the ones they were building.


And many times I have gone down town early to help set up the races on race day, only to find Mike and Diane already there, setting up barricades, lighting, crowd control netting, the timers and staging lights, etc. Doing it that when the crowd showed up, they could enjoy a safe and organized race.


If anyone deserves the name of "Mr. and Mrs. Big Back In", Mike and Diane would be excellent candidates.

From all of us here in our little city...thank you both!

It just wouldn't be the same town without ya!





















Mike and Diane Chapman

Mike Chapman, Spirit Lake Big Back In, COOL RIDES CAR

BIG BACK IN Hero of the Day


WHEN anyone is discussing the Spirit Lake BIG BACK IN lawnmower races, the names you will hear over and over again are that of Mike and Diane Chapman, owners of M & D Automotive in Spirit Lake, Idaho. Mike and Diane have perhaps done more to promote and participate in the Big Back In than anyone else in the town. Without their tireless efforts, the BIG BACK IN would in all probability not be as successful as it is today!


Mike Chapman's lawn mower racer, Spirit Lake Big back In, COOL RIDES CAR


Mike and Diane have fielded a variety of racing mowers, like their impressive "Mower Madness" shown above.

Spirit Lake Big Back In, COOL RIDES CAR

Many of the finest quality racing machines, such as this vintage pickup truck, have been built in the Chapman's garage.

Tim on The TRIMINATOR racing mower, Spirit Lake Big Back In, COOL RIDES CAR


Mike is a true competitor, and even helps the competition. Without his assistance and advice, many of the other racing machines like The TRIMINATOR, built by the local NAPA team, would never have been built at all.

So from all of us, Mike and Diane...thanks for everything!