So what is a "combine" anyway??

A farmer's combine is a miracle of a is able to cut a wide variety of crops (mostly grains) and using vibrating parts and a steady stream of air it can separate out the grains into a large bin, so that they can be shipped to market, and at the same time jettison the straw or left over stalks back out onto the ground behind it.

Everyone thinks that the Combine was invented by Cyrus McCormick, but that is not true. The first combine was actually developed by an Australian farmer named Hugh Victor McKay in 1882, and it has been improved countless times since then.

Modern combines are real workhorses, and have made it possible for a single family to harvest over a thousand acres of grain by themselves, thus feeding a very large number of people scattered all around the world.

Combines are constantly being designed with bigger and better engines, and when they wear out, farmers tend to keep their old equipment around the farm just to scavenge parts from in a hurry during hectic harvest seasons. Somewhere along the line, these older models were powered back up and farmers starting doing these Combine Demolition Derbies for fun, weekend entertainment, and as fund raisers.

My favorite Combine Demolition Derby is this one in Lind, Washington, and it is done as a fund raiser for the local Lions Club, as a way of getting funds for civic improvements.

Such events also provide a huge financial boost to these small towns...the weekend of the Combine Derby is the busiest and most profitable weekend for the entire year for the local merchants!

AND did I mention that there is a group of nice ladies who will give you FREE freshly baked cookies if you show up? Now that's sweet homegrown hospitality! And the reason I go every year!


Combine Demolition Derby!

Combine Demolition derby, Lind WA COOL Rides Car

"OK, One more race around the block, then back to harvesting wheat! Before our wives see us! Ready...set..go!"

Combine Demolition Derby, Lind WA, COOL RIDES CAR

'McBride and the Ride' vs 'Tater Salad' in a friendly weekend crash-and-destroy contest down at the fairgrounds! And at halftime...Travis McBride and the boys race 2-ton grain trucks on a circle track!

Grain Trucks racing, Lind WA, COOL RIDES CAR

"Tell me FAST do I have to go across our barley field to get better traction from this rear spoiler?"

John Deere Combines at Tokio, WA   COOL RIDES CAR

"DAD, I know these John Deere's cost a hundred grand each...but if my brother and I paint them with some cheap spray paint, give them a sweet name like 'GREEN PEAS' , and enter the Combine Demolition Derby in Lind, why we could win a $50 trophy! So can we? Come on, Dad, let's do it! We could even get our pictures on the COOL RIDES CAR SHOW website...and be famous!"


Header broken of of Combine at the Combine Demolition Derby, Lind WA, COOL RIDES CAR

Ever see a couple of regular street cars hit each other in an accident, or at the demolition derby for cars? Well, it's a whole different world out at the Combine Demolition Derby! When a piece breaks here, like this header that was busted off of 'The PURPLE PEOPLE EATER', you have to bring in some big equipment to clean up the mess...some pieces scattered across the arena after one round may weigh well over 2,000 pounds EACH!

Combine Demolition derby, Lind WA, COOL RIDES CAR

"Guys, have you seen my steering hydraulics? And my rear tires? I am telling you...if I go home one more time with 2 or 3 tons of metal ripped off of my combine, my WIFE is not gonna let me play here with you boys any more!".......Hillbilly Deluxe


Lind (Washington) Combine Demolition Derby pics and videos will be posted on this site soon! Please check back!