The FAll (October) 2012 Moyie Springs Mud Bog Event has been CANCELLED. At this time there will not be an event, which is usually held in October of each year.


The OWNERS ask that you do not send in lots of emails or phone calls requesting more information, because they have been inundated with messages and are unable to answer them.

Like most of you reading this message, the Moyie Springs Mud Bog has been a yearly fixture in our lives these last few years, and something that your families and mine have always looked forward to attending. I believe I say it for all of us that Bruce and his family and this event will be sorely missed by us all.

We sincerely hope that this event will somehow continue in the years to come. And whether it does or does not, we all owe Bruce and his family and the many others who have made this event such an integrated part of our lives here in North Idaho a big "Thank You."


At this point we do not have further information, but rest assured that we hope that somehow, some way, we will see you and all of your mud bogging friends and families once again in the future at the Moyie BOGS!