This is an original 1972 CUSHMAN electric golf cart... of many items manufactured by the Cushman Company.


Did you know that besides this classic designed electric golf cart, the Cushman Company made a host of other vehicles, including motorcycles, tracked machines that looked like baby army tanks, and their most famous products: little three wheeled vehicles used by the post office and traffic police all around the world!


















Electric Golf Cart

1972 CUSHMAN electric golf cart @ Spirit Lake BIG BACK IN, COOL RIDES CAR


A Fully restored golf cart like this 1972 'CUSHMAN' electric is one of those really rare finds! Even after 40 years, this cool ride still turns heads!

1972 CUSHMAN fully electric golf cart @ Spirit Lake BIG BACK IN, COOL RIDES CAR


THE owner is Blake Presnell, a teenager who loves to drive this restored beauty in parades and at car shows in the Idaho panhandle. Here he is at the starting line during the Spirit Lake BIG BACK IN lawn mower drag races!

Blake Presnell in 1972 Cushman golf cart, Spiriit lake BIG BACK IN, COOL RIDES CAR


Some of these fine golf carts are still available, although they are extremely difficult to locate. This is the finest restored one that I have ever seen...hats off to Blake and his father Rory Presnell. Cool ride!